89k.m Comrades marathon ultimate human race.

First Marathon

I took the bull by its horns diving straight into a full marathon without any prior training or running small races, without neither a coach nor a dietician. My first ever race was the City of Cape Town marathon which I completed in 4hrs 21 minutes. I was among the horde of heavy breathing, foot stomping and crazy bunch of runners on the road who took it as a hobby. I did try my best. I danced at the water station. I high-fived the kids I smiled at everybody. I joked as much as I could. I waved at everyone and I performed for the cameras. I did as much as I could, for as long as I could.


Are you addicted to INTERNET Part 1

Substance addiction has been around for ages. Internet addiction, on the other hand, is relatively new, and may be harder to recognize. Addiction is characterised by excessive use, and symptoms include changes in mood, preoccupation, inability to control the amount of time you spend on the internet, and diminishing social life. Do you stay up late into the night using the internet? Are you grumpy or anxious when you can't log on? Do you need to use the internet more and more to feel satisfied? Do you understand that you need help to be liberated? Congratulations, the most important thing is to admit that it is a problem which needs intervention.


Are you addicted to INTERNET Part 2

How much internet is too much? We now rely on it almost like breathing. Yes, we can accomplish great things using technology. We have an app for anything and everything! What is there not to like? We have a convenient and portable tool that performs almost any functional and practical task.Again, when does it become too much? How do we become good consumers of technology without becoming consumed by it?


Embrassing things in digital life

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By Simba Dhedheya

Let’s face it, as amazing as the internet is, it also acts as our universal dark place. It’s where we go when we want to lurk on our X's, stock someone, abuse someone, watch porn, search for abortion tips & sex tips, search for drugs, infidelity & cheating, thus a haven of chats for all our dodgy dealings which we wouldn't anyone to know of. If our laptops could talk & mobile devices could reveal our digital footprint, " i wonder who will come out CLEAN. Please dont try to play Mrs Smart gal or Mr clean guy the holier art though!!! U know best your role in this sad turn of one of the greatest inventions of all time, the internet. Luckily, we can keep our creepy, nasty & dirty internet behavior pretty hidden by the mighty password lock & key as well as deleting our prior history. By getting to erase any shameful activity, we wipe our virtual slates clean. Of late we have witnessed the leaking of embrassing sex video's as an example.


Factors that may cause Internet Addiction

Maintaining gainful employment; taking care of financial responsibilities; maintaining healthy relationships with friends and family; taking care of family responsibilities such as children, pets and house cleaning; and personal health and hygiene properly maintained are some life activites which we are actively involved with on daily basis. When any of these basic life skills are neglected, and they are neglected because of an individual's time on the computer online, then internet addiction may pose a real concern. To add to that when an Internet user begins to feel more at home with online friends than with real friends or cannot stop the compulsive need to surf the Net, play games, view pornography, or gamble, then the user may have stepped out of bounds with his or her Internet use and crossed over into the realm of Internet addiction, which can have very negative consequences in a person's life.If you keep repeating compulsive Internet behavior despite the negative consequences in your offline life, then it’s time to strike a new balance.

Medical opinion is divided on whether Internet addiction exists as a mental disorder in its own right or whether it’s an expression of pre-existing mental disorders or behavioural problem. The fact remains excessive use of internet results in problems. Below is a list of factors that may lead to internet addiction.


I have never seen him this WEAK

By Simba Dhedheya

I have never seen HIM this WEAK
Lifeless, Emotionless 'n' very WEAK
Selfishly you pull out from the CROWD 'n' try to PEE
The bladder is full 'n' painfull but
He is so tired 'n' weak 'n' he doesn't wanna play the game
Its normally private, secretive moments
That even in urinaries every man HIDES his TOY.
This is comrades, you are there by the road side
Trying to do the business, call of nature
Grannies, sisters, aunts & mothers are running & flying past
Some curiously peeping, checking how GIFTED you're or
Maybe just to distract themselves from the PAIN
You're there absent mindedly struggling
Because he is so weak, motionless & lifeless


Lets meet in Durban! True running partner

By Simba Dhedheya

Hello Indian Ocean, See you in Durban
Thanks for the great runs along yo shores
The cool breeze you blow in my face are refreshing
Your endless, tireless, effortless mighty massive waves after wave
Reminds me not to tire, and give up on dreams
The roaring, soaring waves and its splashy noisy message to me is
Osidc try, try , try & work , work, work & dream, dream, dream
Your gusty winds push me from behind.
You'r are a true companion i must say




My bicycle diary

By Simba Dhedheya

I was flying down a dirt road @ Rusitu Mission in Chimanimai, dodging some washed away sections of bumby, rugged road and not looking far enough in front of me when all of a sudden there was a sharp turn and I realized i was going in the wrong direction towards a barbed wire.  I tried to negotiate the bend, but I was too fast and  it was too late, the bike went and hit the wire. I launched myself off, & fell hardly on rocks. I laid down unconscious & my body severely bloodied and bruised.30 minutes later,i found myself  in a hospital bed,with WET PANTS - surrounded by my sobbing sisters – My beloved sister, the late yaya Tsitsi was a nurse @ Rusitu hospital so I was well taken care of. In Africa, its not always first class service you get so I was luck to have my own blood sister look after me. Blood is thicker than water, they say so


Osidc's Reaction - The world is messed UP

By Simba Dhedheya

Where are the Nigerian flags & #PrayForNigeria hash tags after the recent attacks which left over 30 pple dead especially from you the sons & daughters of ths mighty land of Africa. This is not a backlash for doing it for France.  I thought its our new way of condemning these barbaric, uncalled for ACTS with France being the 1st but alas i was wrong.
This boy from Chikwakwa, is still yet to understand & wrap it in his HEAD the thin line which differentiates MENTAL PROBLEMS & terror attacks. The sad thing in both cases there is needless loss of precious human life.


Productivity: 10 important tips to improve google search results

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Generation ago, the dog was man's best friend; in the Information Age, Google is the man’s best friend. It has become the de-facto name when referring to searching information on the internet. i.e let me google but the person will be using yahoo search engine.Searching on the internet using Google is extremely simple. Google believes in not making search seem complicated to ordinary web users. Even my computer illiterate aunt, tete Mandikate could do a Google search with aplomb and easy.


Signs & Symptoms of Internet addiction.


  •  Frequent feelings of guilt after spending too much time online
  • Great difficulty avoiding the Internet for recreational use for more than a few days in a row
  • Often losing track of time when online (e.g., suddenly noticing that several hours have passed when it seems like just a few minutes)
  • Strong feelings of frustration or tension when unable to go online
  • A sense of well being or relief when returning to the computer after a period of time away, often followed by a feeling of guilt.

Simba's 89k.m Comrade marathon medal

The 2 500k.m solo drive from Mossel Bay to Durban bears testmony that i was so determined to do the comrades marathon. I was nervous and not sure if i was going to complete coz i hd dodgy preparations. John Mukomana my colleague, my host in Durban accoumpanied me to the Comrades marathon expo at Durban Expo. It was a hive of activity and the place was buzzing with many people, not just people but runners. I collected my race numbers and i joined a long queue to buy my running chip. Runners are never strangers and this is a fact that i have come to realise. I started talking to a lady who was ahead of me, she was a comrades marathon NOVICE as me. We were chatty non-stop discussing lots of things, laughing, teasing each other and sharing our fears. Got the chip, bought a bus ticket and we made few rounds checking different stands at the exhibition. We went to the beach and i had an hr's bike ride as a comrades marathon warm up and to loosen my muscles. It was so refreshing to be on the bike, seeing Durban beach front, everything was new to me making it a worthwhile exciting experience. After the ride we went to Gateway Shopping centre. I was really impressed & i am not sure which one is better than the other with Century City. Went to see a freind then retired to bed as i hd an early day the following day. Woke up at 2:30a.m to prepare for the race. Got dressed up and by 3:15 we went to Durban. Got into the bus to Petermaritzburg. The driver was playing Lucky Dube's musiq. It was great. We walked towards the starting point and runners littered everywhere. Mr DJ wz churning out heat after heat. Some were dancing to shake away the cold weather.


Smart phone addiction simplified by Coca-Cola

Are you a smart phone addict?

I blogged a series of articiles on internet & phone addiction but sometimes reading sucks & its old school some may argue.  I stumpled across this incredible Coca-Cola commercial communicating this dilemma with a balance of emotion, class & humor. Thumbs up to the marketing team @ coca-cola for summarising my internet addiction blogs series in a video in a evenmore simple way. I was totally blown away by this advert. Avoiding reading my long blog posts doesnt mean you will get away with your phone addiction or internet addiction easily. There comes coca-cola reminding you, mo so using their financial power to spam the advertisement space on T.V. Yessss, i am hapi coz my message i wanted to put thru will soon reach everyone. Use your smart phone SMART. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The most unprepared comrade runner:-Osidc

By Simba Dhedheya

I am privileged to have experienced both village & town life. I learned & lived in rural village in my native Zimbabwe where some kids put up over 40k.m a day to come to school. These kids often used & called me derogatory term –BROILER- (the weak chickens which are fed & bred for meat) because of the short distance I walked to school or because I was in a boarding school. From a broiler to a comrades medal holder and now gunning for a back to back medal at 2015 comrades marathon, this is my 2015 comrade’s story.


Tips to prevent internet addictions

You know you have it – every nerd does – the tickling sensation in the left hand to press Alt+Tab or Cmd+Tab to switch apps, Internet browser tabs or windows, to go from your email to Firefox, Instant Messenger, Twitter, your current work and back to Firefox. While some people use internet to stay in touch with friends, others can't step away for five minutes without losing their minds. Are you one of them? When spending time online gets to the point that it disrupts sleep, work or domestic bliss, however, that is a clear indicator of "too much. But just how much time online is overload? That's tough to answer. Time alone is not necessarily an indicator of cyber addiction, as it has to be looked at in the context of work, school or recreational activities.


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