Networking: Career confusion

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I am still battling to identify myself in the IT world especially my area of interest Network but it’s a fact that nothing else amazes and thrills me like networking. I thot in it I will find joy ‘n’ that final satisfaction will embrace me. Since stepping my feet in this world I am getting lost day by day, I am introduced to a hell lot of technologies which is overwhelming. To take you through my rough journey, I have been concentrating in network security.I was exposed to firewalls, the 802.1x protocol etc. Still in that aspect I had to work on Microsoft technologies not to mention wireless networks as well as cabling. Without much breadth, I was taken back to the basics of IT thus building a machine from scatch. I felt so ashamed to be 5 years into IT without building a single computer. The fact that I had little interest in computer hardware ‘n’ computer repairs its not enough to defend my shame.

Even though the whole world will not understand, I don’t regret this & it still remains not my thing. Its also a fact I have now built 3 solid computers from scatch thus mounting the mother board, installing the processor, the Power supply unit, the fan, hard-drive, dvd rom ‘n’ connecting tha confusing distigusting wires. Its not something I can stand and boost about but @ least I can now identify myself in IT. When talking of this IT basics it was not even funny to climb in a dark ceiling doing network cabling. Maybe it was my I.T ignorance or it was mere incompetence that I ended frying a clients ADSL router. Believe me smoke came out ‘n’ I was virtually shaking as it was complete negligence. Miracurously the ADSL router worked.


Whatever you may think about me, I am still enthusiastic about my networking ‘n’ I am a proud CCNP for that sake. More-so, I did not spent 4 years of hard times @ college to obtain my precious Bsc Hons Computer Science or spend my hard earned rands to get my ambitious CCNA & CCNP certifications to assemble these beast –PCs- which has changed the world or to hop and step in dark hot ceilings pulling cables. I am hurting liking it because its bringing. much wealth of skills and horning my troubleshooting abilities.

I ended up getting lost but the fact of this article was to highlight the amazing field of networking and how its ending up confusing me. All the technologies I have been introduced so far I have felt in love with them and I now has a heart to follow each one of it.So where am I heading to and what am I upto. The answer I don’t f&*n know even myself. I am scheduled for EXINDA ( training. Exinda is a new kid in the blog in networking specialising in Bandwidth management. After finishing the EXINDA training we will be introduced to the world of V-SATS. We have finished doing the IPBX training and i am still to have a grip on the technology. Wow, wow VOIP is taking the world by storm and I am burning inside to share my new acquired knowledge in this field. I was impressed to such an extend that it allowed me to see & study the CISCO way of implementing VOIP. Yes you guesed right, I have already finished studying the 12 chapters of CCNA VOICE. The next article will be based on the open source implementation of VOIP. I will introduce you to TRIXBOX and the basic way to configure it. Isn’t this amazing. This guide is not meant to be a detailed Manual for TRIXBOX, instead it is just a quick and dirty guide and a resource to assist you get started with minimum pain. I will as much as possible try to include references because I am basically as new as you. The only differences is that I probably knew it first than you or I am over-excited with my little knowledge which I wanna share. Check ya in the nxt SHOT.GUNS blazing!!!!!!

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