CCNA Voice 640-461 Resource Kit

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It was a quite busy day at work. I built two rack mountable computers that I loaded with TRIXBOX IPBX. As an aspiring VOICE expert I need to look & dress smart, therefore during lunch hour I went to Truworth who were sitting on my  account application for the past 5 weeks to find out what was going on. Its now sorted, they needed a push which is an everyday story of everything you need if you are foreigner . I am used to it and to be frank I don’t  blame anyone coz as simple as that I am a foreigner. Got home, went straight to bed & I woke up fresh. I then quickly made up rice & beans as the meal of the day. I did not pay my DSTV subscription so it’s a bit boring, a flash decision came by to start studying for my CCNA VOIP. The resources I will use for my certification studies are as follows.

TrainSignal Online IT Training

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CCNA Voice 640-461 Facts

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I have been cracking my head on the next certification to take among a wide selection after i got my CCNA & CCNP certifications.  I consult Erisan Nyamutenha - a CCNA, CCDA, CCNA Voice, CCNA Security, CCNA Wireless CCNDP, CCNP- who is my source of inspiration, motivator, guide and a friend above all. He has always been helping me when-ever I get stuck or I run into difficulties or when I need expert opinion and advice. After considerable amount of thought and analyzing Erisan’s advice as well my other friend’s input I have decided to take the CCNA VOICE certification. I found it appealing for the following reasons:

5 Disadvantages of I.T Certifications

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1. Recertify

You have to continually recertify in-order to get the recognition since most of the certifications expires after a certain period of time of which it depends with different vendors. This is unlike degrees which are valid until cows have horns.

2. Bias

Those trained only in a vendor-specific technology may be less capable of evaluating alternative approaches to a problem.


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From an industry point of view, vendor certification provides a measurable amount of accomplishment and ability that college degree programs in engineering, computer science, Information Technology no longer convey. In many cases, companies take new college graduates and spend months or even years training them in the practical aspects of ICT. Companies may also have to update the skills of new graduates. This is because a number of ICT fields move so quickly that university and college curricula rapidly get out of date.

Vendor-specific Vs Vendor independent Certification:

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Vendor-specific certifications are provided by a specific vendor for example i.e. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE 2003), the Microsoft Certified IT Professional MCITP which is available in a number of area of expertise database developer, database administrator.These vendor-specific certification programs are oriented toward specific technologies, and are managed by the vendors of these technologies. These certification programs are tailored to the institutions that would employ professionals who use these technologies. Microsoft provides a wide range of popular certifications.

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