Robbed dreams in Zimbabwe

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Depression controlled our life, far too many tears streamed on our cheeks

We were robbed all our self esteem, self esteem is all but gone

Our ego there’s barely a trace

Uncomfortable around others for the way I feel

All Zanu could afford is laugh & dine among the dying souls unconcerned

Blood was all over our souls

I tried to ease the pain, effort with no gain.

We wanted the pain to end, but we questioned ourselves if it ever will

I prayed that all wasn’t real, but it was the reality

Life seemed like a prison, not a prison but life in hell

Another feeling wanted death sooner than planned,

All in vain to end the suffering, we didn’t know how much longer it will last,

No hope was in sight, With all my peers we were in a state of confusion

A confirmation that pain will never be undone any time soon.

Signed & approved by Zanu that hell life was fit for us.

What Zanu did to us and my generation cannot be communicated

It cannot be explained on a scrap piece of paper


Horror Show: When all things goes wrong

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When things just doesnt work!!

Thursday was a slightly different day from my other normal days coz i was supposed to wake up early to go to a client call out in Gordens Bay which is cloz to 400k.m away from Mossel Bay. Mossel Bay is a harbour town on the Southern Cape of South Africa along the garden route.I was going to the client with the CEO n founder of our SME I.T firm.He is a hands on technical dude and he is the one who trainned and introduced me to VOIP using asterix trixbox flavour, VSATS n many other technical stuff. I was really enthusiast,n looking forward to this trip because it was a call centre setup which was new to me 'n' i was expecting to  learn a lot from the boss. Mo ova with my mentor by my side i was confident 'n' vry optimistic tht everything was going to go smoothly without any hussles.

Travel and work: South Africa

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"If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin." — Charles Darwin

A brand new day was born not from a comfortable 5 star side hotel, but from a long lonely night in an open space in long grasses and gum trees. I tried to make myself as comfortable as possible in very cold conditions and strong from the fears of the much talked criminals. I should not stir your emotions in the Why, When, How, What events of this situation. Seeing the South African flag on this brand new day made me to forget the agonies of the long fear filled night and the horrible work & travel in Botswana. I was in the most thrilling metropolises, Johannesburg and my desire was fulfilled amid lots of challenges.

Travel and work: Botswana

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With some research, resourcefulness and a little luck, you can find a job that not only pays, but also culturally enriches your travel experience. I was luck to get a job which allow me to travel and work. Several of my freinds admires this and shares their desire to have such a job which allows you to see the world whilst working. I will use this space to share my opinions and experiences on several places i have travelled so far.Working and travelling did not start very well in my life and here is the story.

Point to Point Wireless Link

Written by Super User on . Posted in Networking

I had a productive day at work and its those rare days in I.T where everything decided to play the game and worked according to the book, rules of the game and theory. I guess you understand what I mean here, sometimes in this field of ours things just decide not to work. You do the same thing again and again, you reboot & reboot, you check again & again the settings as well as configurations and they look right but still things won’t work. The thing is that we had a client who has an unreliable, slowish internet connection at his offices @ a farm 24 k.m out of town. We decided to put a point to point link using Ubiquiti NanoBridge M5 equipment between his workers house in town that has a 10MB ADSL internet connection and the farm which is across the ocean. We were so certain that there is line of sight & with a bit of help from google earth we mapped the farm and the house to have a rough idea of the line of sight between the two points.


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