Digital Forensics

Written by Super User.

ICT is now considered the cornerstone of every economy transforming the way business is done across the whole world regardless of geographical location and different regulations. Research indicates that ICT offers viable and practical solutions for organizations and governments to meet challenges of a predominantly changing environment.

A lot of organisations in South Africa have adopted ICT and most business is now conducted electronically. The swift growth and increased dependency on ICT, the rapid unabated internet penetration, increased usage of online business transactions, proliferation of mobile and digital devices and numerous opportunities for anonymity have resulted in the emergence of new crimes commonly known as cyber crime.

Cybercrimes and other malicious security incidents of either criminal or civil nature potentially cause direct or indirect damage to organisations as a result affecting its profitability, image, survival and competiveness. The ability of an organization to deter attacks, quickly recover from these security incidents, successfully prosecute the perpetrators, minimize internal legal costs, to comply with regulatory requirements relies on digital forensics.

Digital forensics as the use of scientifically derived and proven methods toward the preservation, collection, validation, identification, analysis, interpretation, documentation and presentation of digital evidence derived from digital sources for the purpose of facilitating or furthering the reconstruction of events found to be criminal, or helping to anticipate unauthorized actions shown to be disruptive to planned operations. Digital forensics is an emerging field which has not yet found ground especially in South Africa and Africa as a whole.

The forensics field is mainly popularised by sci-fi movies and popular series like 24hr, CSI among many others yet day in and day out rising cybercrime statistics is a testament and evidence that it is the field which is now relevant and a solution to counter cybercrime. It is a field which now requires massive investments in tools, education & training to develop the necessary skills.

I believe it is a field already made popular through the interesting investigations in CSI and it has the potential to attract the brightest talents and people who are enthusiastic to excel in the field.  

Numerous varying factors such as the perceived high cost, lack of awareness, unclear benefits of digital forensics, lack of digital forensic skills, lack of government role and legislation, lack of corporate digital forensics departments, lack of training institutions which offers digital forensics courses makes it appear difficult if not infeasible for African countries to embrace digital forensics.

Being notorious of making promises which i fail to honor, I am yet again  promising among many promises that i will voice and talk louder of digital forensics until the benefits of this amazing field flourishes on our shores resulting in curbing cyber crime, the number one enemy 'n' a big threat to the ever increasing cyber community.

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