4years nearly 5: 30 Years In Memory

27/01/1987 - It was On This DAY: By Simba, Contribution~Diwi Tshikovi

Maybe i didnt notice you were in PAIN, i was jumbing on you
Maybe i was crying for you, not knowing you were weak
Maybe i didnot ask you how you were feeling, I was young
Maybe i was out playing not knowing you gone
Maybe i was surprised to see OLD people crying,
Maybe i kept looking for you, not knowing you were not coming back
Maybe I saw you being lowered down, maybe i was confused
Maybe they tried to explain to me, but i didnt understand
Maybe i was sad, because things looked different without your watchful eye
Maybe lots of people felt pity for me, because i was still calling you
Most likely i didnt see your face for the last time, i was too young
Maybe we will meet again
Maybe when my sisters joined you & all that followed, you asked them about me
Its maybe, its maybe & maybe


7 Things you must know about online streaming in South Africa: Part 3

By Simba Dhedheya

1. Greater flexibility:

Unlike most cable companies, streaming services offer the ability to sign up and cancel without termination fees. For less than $10 (149rands) per month, I could sign up for Hulu Plus or Netflix, browse what they have to offer, and if I don't like it, I can cancel. Currently NETFLIX, Hulu is not available in South Africa but they are work arounds if you want to view the channels. For the sake of newbies, NETFLIX & HULU are world’s popular movie/series streaming powerhouses boasting of hundreds of thousands of content libraries.


A thousand farts!! Simba's 87k.m comrades marathon personal account

11 hours 55minutes of running By Simba Dhedheya

My legs pounding the road in the hot humid Durban weather and my strained calculative mind exerted lots of pressure to my body. The pressure exponentially increased with each kilometer added. My  body couldn’t just take in, someway or somehow that pressure had to be released. How I released the pressure, you don’t wanna know? If I say I did it once, I lie. If I say twice, I want to pretend to be a gentleman, if I say a thousand times, I am being realistic & that includes my other fellow runners contributions. Get me right, its not those toxic, loud bombs.  I am feeling ashamed for spilling the most guarded secret among marathon runners but anyway its my comrades story not every runners story. I am still single #SeniorBanchelor, denying my body its natural rights or rather the natural pleasure it deserves & the brutal tortorous comrades journey didnt do any good to my body as well. I like my body even through i am guilty for abusing it. Blogging is part of asking for forgiveness from my body.


Booooooooom!! Netflix is finally in South Africa & Africa

By Simba Dhedheya

Get your NETFLIX pants ready!!

The baby has officially come to Africa. I have been blogging on TV streaming in anticipation of this.
In US Netflix & Hulu are leading the pack.For starters these are modern video shops with hundreds of thousands of movies/series library. They charge a monthly subscription of say 9us$ & you will be spoiled with endless choices. You can only stream with no downloading options.


Cyber-relationships: My journey on flirting via web

You choose when you hve a choice
I chose a choice out of my choice
A choice made in unfamiliar unique fashion
A choice that i want to be my choice
A choice that will remain my choice
A choice in the making
I like the coolness, I am thrilled by the humbleness
A choice bundled in beauty
A choice justified, approved & sealed by only me & myself


Guide to online streaming options in South Africa: Part 2

By Simba Dhedheya



You certainly don't want the movie to stop every few minutes to load again. In order to have smooth standard definition video, you need a connection that is more than 2 Mb/s. For HD or 3D, you need higher speeds. Even if you cut your satellite dish subscription, you still have to pay for an Internet connection — possibly a faster one, since you need a lot of bandwidth for streaming.

Here's the math:


How fast is my internet?

By Simba Dhedheya

Slow internet sucks, & how often do we feel like pulling our hair or banging our heads on the WALL simply because the internet is going @ a snail speed. You are at fault, because you don’t understand or you can’t quantify the speed of internet. Hellooo buddie, fast, very fast, blistering fast or slow is not enough to quantify the speed of internet. You understand the speed of cars in kilometers per hour so why not understanding Mbps or MB/s. Long back dogs used to be a mans best friend, now internet is now a mans best friend. We stoke, we flirt, we scream, we laugh, we cry, we pay, we do business infront of a small screans. Put your seat belts on, as we jumb in 2016 the internet of Everything is coming.

Okay, very boring but important stuff here. To be honest its very confusing &  yours truly it took quite a long time to understand this shit. If I was a self styled prophet, I would have performed a miracle to pick up hordes of I.T professionals who confuses & wrongly or struggles to interpret INTERNET speeds. On the other side, I think there really is something dishonest about the way the telecom companies are treating this—they’re counting on their customers to be ignorant, in order to sell their products at what sounds like a better deal than that it really is. If they weren’t banking on it, they would work hard to educate their customers on the difference, and educate their own employees because I often encounter knows it all consultants who clueless misinterprets this. I am not a proud guy & I don’t look like a geek in this field I therefore walk away respectfully shaking off my head.


How Osidc pick Malaria on his hectic TRAVEL diary

By Simba Dhedheya

An inch movement of my head, felt-like
A one tonne HAMMER throbbing my head.
I had to learn a new style to breathe
Each breath felt-like a prickle by niddle through my body
The pain its a luxury to explain
The often fast-moving rolling sparking EYES
That melts sme ladies hearts
Became small dull red wired veins balls glued in sockets with sticky stuff
The heart-beat became sluggish
Each beat was distribution of posonous in my body
Admiring people eating, walking, talking & running
Side-swapped the aches.
My name is Malaria, i am caused by a female MOSQUITO



How To Kiss

Don't be surprised or get shocked. What you are about to read is what it is. Yes!!!, How to kiss on a fully dedicated technical space. A reminder to you that, we tech people we are human beings, i am human. Unfortunately we are not wired or wireless, we do not have electrons & packets that go through us or flowing through us but we are as well biological creatures with warm blood. Uuum i am just as surprised as you, why you are reading this article yet you scouting for technical staff.

I remember very well my 1st half kiss, hussling kiss and passionate kiss when i was a teenager. Half kiss because i was so scared to ask for a kiss but i wanted to kiss, in the end i gave my then girl freind a chocolate through the mouth. Wow it was the best thing ever to happen to me.Hassling kiss, yes i was a bit confident now but all the tricks did not work. She just did not want to play the game.After hugging,i then searched for the golden lips and you know gold doesnt come cheap. For real it was a hussle, in the end i was virtually glowing with excitement and happynessjust to have my lips touch hers after a 12k.m walk to see her.I loved her and simply tthat ignited my world and i tell you i could not sleep the whole night with joy and a nice warm feeling all over my body.

Posted in Love


My sister's Hair: An account by Hugh Masekela

Chris Rock, the African American comedy megastar, movie actor, and film director recently decided on doing serious research about hair following a plea from his young daughters.

They dreamt of wearing “good hair” because of peer pressure from schoolmates and neighbourhood friends who had ceased to don their natural hairstyles. Their mates and buddies were now rocking Indian, Brazilian, Peruvian and European weaves, wigs or chemically transformed locks, even plastic and horsehair.


Osidc's 420km Chokocha Cycle CHallenge Build-up Chronicles: Part 7

By Simba Dhedheya

These extracts are taken from my facebook account.It was the hype i was creating towards the 420km chokocha attempt.

My body loves enduring self induced PAIN & suffering
Yip, cramps & fatigue are as painful as you have felt them before on this body.
The pain & torment of sitting idle is unbearable so i cant sit IDLE
The body becomes rebellious.


Osidc's 420km Chokocha Cycle CHallenge Chronicles: Part 1

By Simba Dhedheya

I love my parents and siblings unconditionally & I am so convinced they love me & are so protective of me as well more-so being the last born. I am very fortunate enough to have a close family that is genuinely supportive of the person am becoming & in most things I do. Thus wonderful & I find the closeness of my family to be a tremendous source of strength and my loyalty to my family closeness is very empowering. Growing up I was always in conflict with my dad with regards to sport. He didn’t want me to participate because sometimes I would come home injured or sick. My parents and siblings love sports but they prefer watching and they have a very low tolerance for risk, but as an endurance junkie, risk is my favorite breakfast.


Osidc's 420km Chokocha Cycle CHallenge Chronicles: Part 2

Handed over the car keys to Simba, our escort driver and off we were on the road at exactly 4:51am. It was so early even the birds were yet to wake up. I was not near a morning zombie that I am usually is when you wake me up that early. Pedals a’ turning, eyes a’ opening to try and see through the thick of darkness and the road was all ours alone. Nobody can cut us up or beep at us for no apparent reason and we were not caught up in the  horrible Harare traffic jams for all these we were already ripping benefits of an early morning ride. We could swerve potholes to our heart’s content and ride the lines down the middle of the road should we wished. The common joke is that you can always tell if someone is drink driving in Harare as they will drive straight, whilst a sober driver will swerve to avoid the potholes. Generally the roads are deplorable in Zimbabwe but it’s a story for another day,


Osidc's 420km Chokocha Cycle CHallenge Chronicles: Part 3

By Simba Dhedheya

I knew what was lying ahead of us. We still had the most physically and mentally tough terrain to ride ahead of us. I was supposed to make most of the rest, and  in my solitude thoughts I was ready for everything, I was committed to this challenge with aggressiveness. I thought the world is mine, nobody else's. I was like a train, nothing was going to easily stop me. On a bike it can be as simple as starting to pedal, and seeing where you end up. And something magical happens when you do this it takes you far and there I was attacking MACHEKE with all the fiery. That’s what I love about travelling by bike you can go wherever your mood and your legs take you. The forces that runs this world they have conditioned us to follow tight time schedules & that was not the case in this challenge. We didn’t have complex time-lines of where we should be at a specific time, how much time we might spend in one place.


Osidc's 420km Chokocha Cycle CHallenge Chronicles: Part 4

My satisfaction and confidence came with yesterday’s accomplishment. Reaching this goal made the overnight recovery more manageable and quick. The thought that we raced more than ten hours yesterday was pants-wettingly scary in its foreignness, and motivating for that very reason as it made the 94km ride we were ON very casual & easy. My nerves were strangely absent and the only unknown was ‘how well’ and that would be determined in part by our riding strategy and in majority by the uphills from Odzi to CHristmas Pass some 90km away.This was my first back to back long rides and with only a few kilometers I knew that I was already scouring in the depths of the unknown and I felt a rush at discovering a new truth about myself.

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