25 "Worst passwords" of 2013 revealed

on Wednesday, 22 January 2014. Posted in Experts urges Oracle to improve security

Compiled by Simba Dhedheya

The best of the best that excels & outshine everyone in their own field are awarded nice trophies n heft price monies amidst pomp & funfare like the Oscar's, Grannies, SAMA in South Africa & the soccer star of the year award in Zimbabwe quickly comes into mind. People want to be recognized, appreciated and validated what of then do we make of the mischevious, notorous internet trolls familiarly known as hackers & the many people who continue to put themselves at risk by using weak, easily guessable passwords.

SplashData's came up with a brilliant idea of identifying top 25 worst password's list which is compiled from a treasure trove of files containing millions of stolen passwords posted online by hackers. Its official “123456” is finally getting some time in the spotlight as the world's worst password, after spending years in the shadow of “password.” which was dominating the rankings. Stupid, careless, stuborn,silly bunch of "WEAK PASSWORD" fans who can’t be bothered to take even the most basic step to protect their online personal information won't be amused & shacken with this news.

Facts about Malware, spyware & Adware

on Sunday, 23 February 2014.

Irritating pop-up adverts, annoying tool bars like Babylon

I often get those days when i am so busy in the field (out of office) & i get itchy internet fingers, overpowering urge to share my thoughts on Twitter & Facebook and a craving to check in with the online world. On Friday 21st, was such a day and i preyed on a client's computer to quench my internet hunger. I was so disgusted, irritated, annoyed and finally frustrated to the point of abandoning my romance with internet because the computer was infected with malware. I felt so sick 'n' this has prompted me to do this write up & help clean or make awareness of this malware messy.

I sometimes let my current dumbphone run out of charge numerous times, i sometimes misplace it on silent ringmode inside my house and spent several dayz looking for it and i have now lost count of the endless number of times i have lost it. As i am writing this blogpost, i suspect that one of the guys @ the hotel i was staying in DRC stole my dumbphone and i am now in my 3rd week without a phone. I can do without a phone and but i struggle without INTERNET

Fierce battle - Internet Of Everything

on Friday, 20 November 2015.

By Simba Dhedheya

Since 2011 when i ventured in the VSAT world, i witnessed the brutal bullying of the VSAT industry by the LANDING of under sea fibre cable from Europe.
Its fast, cheaper & we saw clients abandonding VSATS & our future looked BLEAK.
The VSAT industry is set to come-back with a BANG!!
Airbus the hand behind my numerous trips in Africa is a PARTNER in this technology & this makes this innovation personal.

Java Exploit

on Monday, 28 January 2013. Posted in New Patch for Microsoft

Yet another Java exploit being used by attackers

A new exploit for a previously unknown and unpatched Java vulnerability is being actively used by attackers to infect computers with malware, according to researchers from security firm FireEye.

"We observed successful exploitation against browsers that have Java v1.6 Update 41 and Java v1.7 Update 15 installed," FireEye researchers Darien Kindlund and Yichong Lin said Thursday in a blog post.


Picture passwords

on Monday, 28 January 2013. Posted in New Patch for Microsoft

Windows 8 picture passwords: Their great untapped potential

Love it or hate it, Windows 8 is the bellwether for PCs. Where Microsoft goes, PCs follow. And now Microsoft is making a grab for the mobile market, too. The latest version of Windows is designed with touchscreens in mind, and one bright side of that evolution is the addition of features that make Windows more intuitive and easier to use on all devices.Windows 8 picture passwords are an example of such a feature--a new, alternative password system that most Windows 8 users aren't even aware of.

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